Expected Outcomes of Pride Training

Foster Care Pride Training is divided into nine sessions. The nine training sessions cover the knowledge and skills you will need to become a foster or adoptive parent and focuses on five core competencies:

  • Protecting and nurturing children;
  • Meeting developmental needs and addressing developmental delays; 
  • Supporting relationships between children and their families;
    Connecting children to safe, nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime;
  • Working as a member of a professional team.

These outcomes reflect essential elements for meeting the needs of children and youth in foster care. The Foster Care Pride program provides the support for Foster Care providers to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve these outcomes. 

 Topics covered in the training sessions are closely connected to the information you will be discussing with your Home Study Worker during the certification process. Training sessions will provide you with the opportunity to learn about and experience the competencies that new resource parents need to support children in foster care.   


The Nine foster Care Pride Training Sessions

  • Session One:
    Connecting with PRIDE 
  • Session Two:
    Teamwork toward Permanence 
  • Session Three:
    Meeting Developmental Needs (Attachment) 
  • Session Four:
    Meeting Developmental Needs (Loss) 
  • Session Five:
    Strengthening Family Relationships 
  • Session
    Meeting Developmental Needs (Discipline) 
  • Session Seven:
    Continuing Family Relationships 
  • Session Eight:
    Planning For Change 
  • Session Nine:
    Making an Informed Decision 

PRIDE takes a lot of your time and energy when you aren’t certain of the
outcome. However, we have learned that it’s worthwhile to take time now to make
the best assessment possible. On behalf of
our children and youth we thank you for your interest in becoming a Foster Care