Denver Human Services is always looking for families to become Foster Care and Certified Kinship Care
Providers. State and federal Law requires that all applicants
for certification complete a rigorous background check on the federal, state and local levels.Applicants must be denied certification if they have been convicted of or pled guilty to and received a deferred prosecution, deferred sentence, deferred judgment or deferred adjudication for any of the following:

  • Child Abuse;
  • A Crime of violence;
  • Any felony offense involving unlawful sexual behavior;
  • Any felony offense involving domestic violence
  • Any felony involving physical assault or
  • Any felony involving an alcohol/drug-related
    offense within five years preceding the date of application for
  • Three or more convictions of Third Degree
    Assault/Domestic violence within ten years preceding the
  • Five misdemeanor convictions of any type with
    at least two convictions of Third Degree Assault/Domestic Violence within ten
    years of the application
  • Seven Misdemeanors of any type within ten years
    of the application

Please review any
criminal history for eligibility prior to applying for