If a child or youth has been removed from the home, Relative Kin are able to provide care for the child. This is called Kinship Care. You do not have to be biologically related to the child or youth to be a Kinship Provider. Denver Department of Human Services defines Kin as: relatives by blood and non-blood kin. Non blood kin are people who are close to and have an established relationship with the child or family but are not related by blood. If you want to be a Kinship provider we can help you through our Kinship Support program. 

 Getting Through the Crisis of Removal 

  •  Step One: Call us at our Warm Line at 720-944-4KIN (4546).
    Follow the instructions on the message.
  • Step Two: Complete a telephone interview with one of our staff. Our warm Line is an “Urgent Response” line. It is checked frequently 24 hours a day. We return all calls within 24 hours. 
  • Step Three: Attend a Kinship Care Orientation Meeting. A schedule has been included on this page for your convenience. However, it is very important that you pre-register during the telephone interview or register on line before attending the orientation session. You can register for the Orientation Meeting on line by clicking here

  • Step Four: Talk to your Kinship Support Worker. By this time we have assigned to you a Kinship Support Worker. Your Kinship Support worker is your guide and your advocate to help you navigate the next steps in the process. 
  • Step Five:  Attend a Kinship Orienation Meeting
  • Step Six: Attend Kinship Pride Certification Class