Become a Denver foster parent. Call 720-944-4000

Register on-line to become a Denver Foster or Adoptive Parent or a Certified Kinship Provider.  
You can also call our Foster Care Information Line at 720-944-4000 for more information.

If a child or youth has been removed from the home, Relative Kin are able to provide care for the child. This is called Kinship Care. You do not have to be biologically related to the child or youth to be a Kinship Provider. Denver Department of Human Services defines Kin as: relatives by blood and non-blood kin. Non blood kin are people who are close to and have an established relationship with the child or family but are not related by blood.  If you want to be a Kinship provider we can help you through our Kinship Support program.  

Getting Through the Crisis of Removal

Step One:  Call us at our Warm Line at 720-944-4KIN (4546). Follow the instructions on the message.

Step Two:  Complete a telephone interview with one of our staff.
Our warm Line is an “Urgent Response” line. It is checked frequently 24 hours a day.  We return all calls within 24 hours. 

Step Three: Attend a Kinship Care Orientation Meeting. 
A schedule has been included on this page for your convenience. However, it is very important that you pre-register during the telephone interview or register on line before attending the orientation session.  You can register for the Orientation Meeting on line by clicking here.

Step Four: Talk to your Kinship Support Worker.

By this time we have assigned to you a Kinship Support Worker. Your Kinship Support worker is your guide and your advocate to help you navigate the next steps in the process.

Step Five:   Attend Kinship Pride Certification Classes

If Denver Human services has legal and physical custody of the child or youth you will be required to become a Certified Kinship Care Provider. Certification classes are offered through our Kinship Pride Program.  We offer these classes free of cost to you.  Classes are offered at various times for the convenience of our family members.  You can get a copy of the Certification Class Schedule at the Orientation Meeting.  

We understand that you and your family have been thrown into a confusing and overwhelming set of systems. The Kinship Support Program was designed to help you be successful in moving through this crisis into stability. Please visit our Kinship Advocay Network page for more resources to help you to transiiton into providing care for your relative kin. Thank you for your willingness to partner with Denver Human services to become a Kinship Care Provider. 

More About the Denver Kinship Support Program

The Kinship Support Program at Denver Department of Human Services offers a variety of services for relatives/caregivers who are raising children other than their own.  The services that are offered are as follows:

Navigation Services: We help you move through the systems

  • Court systems
  • Denver Department of Human Services
  • Foster Care Certification Process 

Referral Services:

  • Community Resources
  • Referrals for Legal Assistance
  • Financial Assistance:
  • Direct Financial Assistance
  • Assistance with TANF Application
  • Budgeting

Advocacy Services:

  • Educational 
  • Professional and Peer Support

Training Services:

  • Kinship Orientation
  • Kinship Precertification Classes (PRIDE curriculum)
  • Legal Workshops
  • Support Groups

Diligent Search for viable relatives/connections for children

Kinship Care Orientation Schedule
Pre-register for class at 720-944-4546

Register on Line, Download and Print a copy.  Click here.

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If you would like more information about becoming a Kinship Care Provider please call our Kinship Care Information line at 720-944-4546.  Or, you can attend a Kinship Care Orientation Meeting.  The meetings are free and available in both English and Spanish.  You can view and print out a schedule of the Orientation Meeting Schedule and register on line by clicking here.