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Jecole Shaw is your Trainer for Kinship Care Certification.  Our Kinship Care training program is called “Kinship Pride Training” and represents our feelings about your coming forward and standing up to provide care for your relative children or youth. 

Relatives are only required to become certified if the child or youth is in the custody of the Department of Human Services. Before attending a Kinship Pride class you must first attend a Kinship Care Orientation Session. A schedule of the Kinship Care Orientation Sessions is listed on this page for your convenience. You can also download a copy and register on line by clicking here.

This session is designed to help you understand the intricate dynamics of providing care for a relative and to help you in your decision to become a Kinship Provider. We encourage you to ask questions so that you can become an informed Kinship Care Provider.  Please contact us through our Warm Line at 720-944-4546 (4-kin)  if you have more questions about becoming a kinship provider.

Contact Jecole:  720-944- 4KIN (4546)

email:  jecole.shaw@denvergov.org

Expected Outcomes of Kinship Pride Training

The Kinship Pride Training has established five outcomes that reflect elements essential for meeting the needs of children and youth in Kinship Care. These outcomes are as follows:

  • Children and Youth are protected and nurtured
  • Developmental needs are met
  • Relationships between children/youth and their families are supported
  • Children/ are connected to relationships intended to last a lifetime
  • Kinship providers are trained & empowered to work with the community and the chid welfare system to meet the needs of those in their care.

Meeting these outcomes helps ensure that the children and youth in care are safe, nurtured and have access to permanent relationships. The Kinship Pride program provides the support for Kinship Providers to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve these outcomes. 

Topics covered in the training sessions are closely connected to the information you will be discussing with your Home Study worker during the certification process. Training sessions will help you develop the necessary skills to provide care for foster youth and successfully complete your home study assessment. 

The Nine Kinship Care Pride Training Sessions

Session One: Introductory Meeting

Session Two: Understanding the Child welfare System

Session Three: Supporting Healthy Development and Managing Loss 

Session Four: Identifying and Meeting Special Needs

Session Five: Providing Guidance & Discipline

Session Six: Maintaining Family Connections 

Session Seven: Connecting Children to Lifelong relationships 

Session Eight: The Kinship experience:  Family Change

Session Nine: Getting Help Finding and Using Resources



Kinship PRIDE Training takes a lot of time and energy.  We respect your time by holding classes when scheduled and starting classes on time. This ensures that you receive the necessary 27 hours of training for certification and that you are as prepared as possible for your Kinship Care experience.  I look forward to seeing you in class and thank you for your desire to become a Kinship Care provider. 

Jecole Shaw





If you would like more information about becoming a Kinship Care Provider please call our Kinship Care Information line at 720-944-4546.  Or, you can attend a Kinship Care Orientation Meeting.  The meetings are free and available in both English and Spanish.  You can view and print out a schedule of the Orientation Meeting Schedule and register on line by clicking here.