Supporting people with disabilities to capitalize on their strengths. Through advocacy, creating & adapting #wheelfriendly living spaces, and counseling on resources we will further independence for people with all levels of ability.

What we aim to solve.

We provide services to individuals living with varying degrees of ability to assist in the improvement of the quality of life and independence. A secondary benefit is a reduced burden to the caregiver for the individual we are assisting. Currently, we do so with limited funding through working with the people and assisting them with resource finding. We match our customers with appropriate vendors and nonprofits to provide specific support for the needs requested.

Assistive Technology

Through donations, we provide assistive technology to individuals living with disabilities to enhance their opportunity for work and community support. These devices are meant to assist people to interact with their environment, family, and friends in an inclusive beneficial way.


This device allows quadriplegics to interact with various devices through a sip and puff interface.